Wednesday, June 13, 2007

So not growing pains

You know what I love? I love blaring my music and singing along to it on my way home from work. You know what I hate? When I just had 2 or 3 good songs in a row and then the next is crappy. It ruins the good vibes that were happening. Sucks big time.

My left arm has been hurting for 2 days now. It's the three joints but it feels like the whole arm. It's not rheumatoid arthritis though. Although I guess it's some form of arthritis, now anyway. I've had joint pain since I was 5. In my legs it's mostly my knees but my ankles will hurt from time to time. In my arms it's all three, the shoulder, elbow and wrist. Although the shoulder doesn't happen very often either. Right now it's been my elbow both days but it goes all the way to my hand.

When I was kid the people, including the doctors, tried to say it was growing pains. But when I quit growing and I still had the pains it confirmed what my mom and I always thought, that it wasn't growing pains. But no doctor has ever been able to tell me why I get them. I've had my left knee X-rayed and it showed nothing. I've never had my arms done though, maybe one day I will. When I was kid I'd pop up to 5 aspirin to get rid of it, my tolerance had grown that high. Now 2 Aleve or 2 Motrin will take care of it. But not yesterday or today. It's especially resistant for some reason. There's no rain, no major weather change to cause it. All I know is that's driving me nuts!

Well, I was gonna write some more but we just ordered Chinese for dinner and I gotta go pick it up. So ta ta, have a good one.

Media quote of the day:

If I were Eddie Vedder
Would you like me any better?
That's it - I quit
I don't give a shit

Eddie Vedder by Local H

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