Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Childless and still happy for it

Yeah, as much as I love children I'm still so happy I chose never to be a parent.

HDT watched his 3 yo niece all day yesterday. It went really well, he said they watched movies while playing all morning. Then his friend Jim came over with his two daughters who are 12 and 6 and they watched movies and played for the rest of the afternoon while he and Jim played on their game on the computer.

When I got home from work they were all there along with his sister. When I was upstairs changing I all of a sudden heard his niece screaming bloody murder and crying like I've never heard her cry before. When I got downstairs she was in the bathroom screaming and crying and her mom was sitting in a chair shaking her head and sorta smiling. I asked what was wrong and she said that she's just throwing a fit. Jess (SIL) was trying to calm her down telling her that if she didn't stop being silly she'd get a time out and that just made her scream and cry even more.

So she packed her up and took her outside to take her home. HDT went with them outside to help her if need be. While they were out I asked Jim what had happened. Renee needed to go to the bathroom and she wanted to do it by herself but Jess was going to be there to help if needed and turned out she did but when she started to help Renee got upset with her and that started it and it escalated from there. But Renee hadn't had a nap all day and with an audience there and of course the whole pushing the parent boundaries thing it was just all a big mess.

After they left the rest of us got dinner and settled down to watch Tron in anticipation of the new movie coming out soon. But the girls of course had to go back and forth with trying to get Poydras to come to each of them and the little one kept getting upset with her big sister because Poydras would go to her more often. And whenever the little one would go near him when he was with me or even just by himself, he'd start to grumble/growl and it scared her. When I got him to sit in my lap I could tell that he was really tired too and needed a nap. When people are over he doesn't usually sleep so he gets grumpy too just like a little kid. And with Renee screaming like she was it got him all hyped up and with the little one having a high pitched voice like Renee whenever she'd come near him and say something is when he'd grumble/growl.

And with dinner the oldest one wanted chicken while the rest of us got pizza. When Jim was putting their food on their plates he gave the little one a few tiny pieces of the other's chicken and she started to pout that he was giving away her food. So she got a stern talking to by him about not be able to give up two very tiny pieces of chicken when she got everything else she wanted for dinner.

Yep, love 'em completely but still don't want any.

Media quote of the day:

They scream and they cry. Much as you're doing now. - The Scarecrow - Batman Begins

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