Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oh how he LOVES to carry things around in his mouth

So Pretty Boy almost every night and sometimes even during the day has taken to carrying objects in his mouth and meowing. I believe he's doing it because he wants food, it always seems to be around feeding time. But here's the thing. He also does it within an hour of being fed a lot of the times. So I just don't know.

But this morning around 4:00 he wakes me and Poydras up and usually when that happens Poydras needs to go to the bathroom. So I get up to take him and as I'm taking down the gate I look out in the hall and sure enough just a few feet away on the floor is an unopened barbecue sauce packet from McDonald's sitting there. I pick it up and put it on the kitchen counter and while doing that I see a pen sitting on the rug in front of the oven. I pick it up and put it on the counter. Then I take the step down from the kitchen to the top of the landing of the stairs to the basement which is just inside the backdoor. Poydras comes and stands on the kitchen floor in the doorway as is our ritual for me to put on his color. As I step down I can sort of see a white thing sitting on the landing floor. I hadn't turned the light on so the only light was coming from the one above the sink and I didn't have my contacts in so I really couldn't tell what it was. I reach down and it's the white plastic cap to some battery thing of HDT's. So I pick it up and put it on the counter.

Then we all go back to bed. When I got up later to get ready for work as I'm heading to the basement to grab my clothes out of the laundry room I see on the rug in front of the oven 3 red plastic cups still in a stack. When I get downstairs there's one lonely red plastic cup sitting in the middle of the floor.

It's usually a pen or pencil but if he can't find one of those he'll use anything as you can see. He's grabbed a cord that was wrapped up in a baggy and brought it up from the basement. He's grabbed plastic forks/spoons/knives. Some of those he's actually had to take out of the container that was holding them on the table in the basement. He's grabbed the toothbrush part of the electric toothbrush (it was an old head that we were using for cleaning little items). He's even done it with my knee highs. And so many other items I can't even think of right now.

The cat cracks me up. I'm seriously thinking of taking pictures of these items where they lie? lay? whatever to start documenting them.

When he does it when we're awake and downstairs he'll grab something from upstairs and bring it to the top of the stairs or to the oven and drop the item there. He never, or I guess I should say hardly ever, brings the item all the way downstairs to us. But as he's doing his crying/meowing I'll call out to him and ask, "What'chu got Pretty Boy?" or sometimes just "What?" and he'll answer right back. We've done that for a full minute before, it's quite amusing, but he still won't bring the item downstairs.

Media quote of the day:

Put a bell around my neck and scratch my belly kids... for I am just a docile house cat now. Meow - Barney from How I Met Your Mother

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