Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend Update 8/7-8/10

So this weekend was a really relaxing one compared to most. Other than doing some cleaning and laundry I did a marathon of Grey's Anatomy again. Except for Saturday evening. The brothers and niece and nephew came over to watch the UFC fights and around 11:15 or so HDT's littlest sister came over as well.

Wayne and Roy looked over the Magnolia tree to strategize on cutting it down. They plan on doing it on the 20th. Wayne says, it'll be there when we leave for work and be gone when we get home. Depending on when they come over I may be seeing 'em working on it when I go home for lunch. I won't mind getting rid of all the bugs but I'll certainly miss the tree.

HDT got Scott Jr. into WOW. That's what they did for the whole time while the fights were going on. And my SIL plays as well so when she came over she helped him out as well too.

So that was my very relaxing, do a bunch of nothing, weekend.

Media quote of the day:

Sometimes doing something is worse than doing nothing. - Dr. Merideth Grey

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