Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Superdome or bust

Woot! Woot! We are going to the opening game!!!!

I got my two days off approved and we have been talking to a few people about going along. Although they probably won't be going to the game, the cheapest tickets we found were over $200.00 each. So yeah, not cheap but HDT and I are biting the bullet and buying those suckers. I did the research for the plane and hotel and those are actually pretty good prices, especially for a Holiday Inn right downtown by the Quarter.

We're just waiting to hear back from his mom to see if she'll be able to give us the $500.00 she owes us for the Tahoe which we then would turn around and help fund his sister's trip. If she can't do that then we're not sure about Jess going. Plus he's still waiting to hear back from her anyway to make sure she'd even be able to get the time off or have someone be able to watch her daughter.

But two of his coworkers will definitely be going, well as long as their time off is approved which they should hear about today. But neither of them are worried about that not happening.

So yeah, it's gonna be a real good time. We'll be flying down Wed. night and coming home on Sunday.

And no I'm not worried about saying all this on here for several different reasons. There will be extra cop drive by's to check things out. We'll be having my mother and his step mom (more than likely anyway) taking care of the cats as they usually do. Which means there won't be any set time of them just showing up at the house. Plus we'll be letting our neighbors know so they'll be a good look out as well. And besides all that, I only a have a few steady readers and all but one are in other states. And I've never given what town we live in away or any other marker for where we live so nope not worried at all.

Hopefully we'll have heard from everyone by tonight so we can get everything reserved and purchased before prices go up again. I. CAN. NOT. WAIT. I haven't been there since before I blew into town back in 2005. HDT has only been back once and that was just for two days for the opening game last year. So it's going to be nice to have a few days to tool around town again. One of the people going with us, Scott, went down in '05 to help do some cleaning up but he hasn't back since then either. I don't think Dana has ever been there and Jess never has, so as long as both go it'll be fun to be able to show them around.

Media quote of the day:

Are there even any vampires in New Orleans? I thought they all drowned after Katrina. - Frat Boy - True Blood (usually I only quote from tv shows or movies I've seen but none of those quotes were any good so I used this one instead)

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