Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Update 8/13-15/10

So, this was a mix of out and about and stay at home and do nothing weekend. Friday night despite a couple movies opening up that we want to see we opted to stay home. He played WOW while I mowed the lawn. Then, while he continued to play WOW I watched the extras on Grey's Anatomy Season 4 and then Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. I haven't seen that movie for ages, such a good one.

Saturday we both got up a little before 9:00. He had to work some overtime 10:00 - 2:00 and I had some shopping that needed doing. Our electric toothbrush had died several months ago when I was still out of work so I just bought some cheep brushes. But since it's time to replace them now and I'm working I decided to go ahead and get us some electric ones again. Looking at the prices of them are daunting but they're really good for you so I decided to get the kind we had before. I could've sworn the price tag said $89.00. It wasn't till I'm on my way home that it dawned on me how much my total was and I thought that there's no way it should've been that high. Yeah, turns out the brush is actually $189.00. Yeah, that sucker is going back, especially since I paid with the debit card, I may be working but we still don't need to spend that kind of money on an electric toothbrush.

HDT ended up getting out a half hour early and we and a few of his coworkers were to go out to lunch afterward but all but one of them ended up bailing on us. But that was ok, we three went to BWW and had a good lunch. Afterward she went home and HDT and I started in on Grey's Anatomy Season 5. After a few of those it was time to leave to go to our Village's annual celebration. There was an 80's cover band playing two sets with the fireworks in between. We met up with a few my brothers to watch. For the first several songs everyone was just sitting around watching except for a lady and her 2 yo. But after awhile a few chicks started dancing here and there.

After the fireworks, which were pretty damn awesome, on our way back to our seats at the bandstand we ran into a few old friends and then some of HDT's coworkers so we stopped and chatted with them. It was probably a good 1/2 hour before we finally made it back to our seats and by that time enough people had had enough to drink that there were plenty of people dancing. One older guy kept getting up on stage to dance. At one point it even looked like his zipper was going down, there was white where there shouldn't have been. That was amusing but he was annoying. They finally kicked him off and then he proceeds to get back up there the very next song and again they have to kick him off. Then during their encore song he does it again but they shooed him off right away.

Sunday he went to his friend's house to hang out for the day and I finished Eclipse and started in on Breaking Dawn. I had read the first three books of the series before but never did get to the fourth. One of HDT's coworkers had loaned me the first three but since the fourth was her sister's she didn't feel comfortable loaning that one to me. Which I find amusing considering I've met her sister/gone to the movies with her (in a group setting) several times. But whatever. So it's been over a year since I've read them and while looking through the books of the book club I'm part of I see all four for just under $40.00. That's a pretty darn good deal for hardcover, so I decided to go ahead and purchase and then with a my discount for previous purchases I ended up getting them all for $8.43 and no shipping or handling because it was during a promotion. Can't beat that.

Where was I, oh yeah, so after only a few chapters in I started to get sleepy so I took an hour nap, or at least tried. I did doze, just never completely fell asleep. Still felt good though. I texted HDT just before 6:00 since he should've been home already to let him know I was hungry and too see when he'd be home. He figured at least another hour so I made myself some soup and had it and some crackers and decided to watch Practical Magic. Haven't seen that one in ages either. He came near the end of it and of course went straight to the computer to play WOW but did ask if we'd be watching more Grey's and I let him know we would as soon as the movie was over which is what we did.

Media quote of the day:

You know, your mood swings are kinda giving me whiplash. - Isabella Swan - Twilight

No growth without assistance. No action without reaction. No desire without restraint. Now give yourself up and find yourself again. - Li Mu Bui - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Did you or your sister kill James Angelov? - Gary Hallet
Yeah, a couple of times. - Sally Ownes - Practical Magic

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