Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Update 8/20-21/10

So this weekend was pretty good. Two of my brothers came over Friday morning and cut down our magnolia tree. They took a bunch of pictures and then I took several more when I got home that evening. We still need to get them downloaded from the camera and then I'll post some on here. I loved that tree but HDT has been wanting to get rid of if for years as I believe I mentioned some number of posts ago.

When I went home at lunch they were more than half way done with it. I knew ants had taken up residence inside of the base but OMG the amount of tree they were actually living in is amazing! The base of the tree came up a couple feet then branched off into 3 different sections. One of the sections was just about completely eaten away by them. There were several branches that were hollowed out and others that looked like an ant farm from the side when you see them in a tank. I hope you get what I mean by that. You'll see once I get the pictures up.

The guys said when they were cutting that part of the branch that the ants started to swarm out where the cut was being done and also at the base. They said at the base is where all the ones with the wings came shooting out of. Tons of them they said. Didn't get a picture of that though. Kinda disappointed.

Then the next morning after it had thunder stormed we see all these white rocks sitting on the stump. We were quite confused as to where they had come from. As the day went on it actually seemed like more showed up. What we finally came to the conclusion of as to how they got there is that we figured between squirrels and kids that they had fallen into the tree through different holes. Including the one where the three sections came together; there was a little hole there. We figured they were hidden in the clumps of dirt that was on the base of the tree from the ants and the rain washed the dirt away from the rocks. As the day went on the dirt dried and fell off of more of the rocks which made it look like more were showing up. It's the only logical explanation of it all.

It was HDT's weekend to work so he was already there when I got up on Saturday. I decided to go ahead and take a bath right away so I'd make myself presentable so I'd be more inclined to do the shopping and errands that I've been needing to do. I went to the feed store to get the cats and dog their food, then to the grocery store to get the pop that we're low on, then to the car supply store to get blinker bulbs for the back left blinker that's been out for more than a week now, then to the oil change place to get the oil changed that's been needing changing for too long. I went back home after that and chilled out watching a movie and during that HDT called to say he needed me to go pick up the plumbers tape that didn't come with the new shower head and the ant killing food to help get rid of the remaining ants. He had sprayed all around the stump and the wood sections that are up against the side of the garage and all around the house with ant killer spray. Which did seem to do a really good job but to be on the safe side we wanted the food that the remaining ones would take back to the home and kill all the rest including the queen.

So after my movie I did that then came back and chilled out some more watching another movie until he came home. I made dinner and we chilled out until bedtime.

Sunday he was back at work again when I got up around 8:30. I grabbed Breaking Dawn (4th book in the Twilight series), a diet mountain dew and went out to the living room to commence reading for several hours until I finished it. I liked the ending, thought it was fitting. I finished around 1:20 or so and decided to go mow the lawn and pull some weeds. I was done with that by 2:30 and then rinsed off before soaking in a nice warm bath for awhile.

I think I ended up watching another movie, oh no, I cleared out some of the shows I watch but he doesn't such as Ghost Hunters International. The started watching Hoarders, that show scares the bejeesus outta me. We'll let too many magazines pile up and not always put our clothes away and just use the whites out of the basket, etc. So there's times that I think - this is how it starts, you get complacent with it and slowly it just starts to accumulate and next thing you know you're walking through a minefield of STUFF. Yep, scary, can't let that happen.

We watched some Grey's while eating dinner and after. Then I had to go to bed for the night. He came to bed around midnight to take a nap before heading back to work at 2:30am to work until 6:00am. His overtime is done now for awhile. Well, as long as someone doesn't call in sick or anything. He also only works a few more days on his regular schedule then he's off for a full two weeks on vacation.

Media quote of the day:

How can you take something so negative and celebrate it? - Steve Gonsalves - to Brian about him wearing a "Dude, run!" hat

Do you have a catch phrase? - Brian Harnois

This is technically from the original Ghost Hunters and not the international and also from several years ago but the premise of this is just so damn funny I had to use it.

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