Wednesday, August 18, 2010

He's so damn wishy washy

So HDT is king of making me crazy! He's so damn fickle it's unreal. Last night he comes crawling into bed saying how he doesn't think we should go to New Orleans anymore. He started thinking of all the money for the tickets, plane, hotel, etc. and what else we need here at home and decided it's just too much money. The only thing we really need here at home is a new tv. He mentioned the soft top he wants for his jeep and I told him that with winter coming he doesn't really want a soft top or need one and by the time spring comes around we'll have our tax refund. It won't be as big as usual because of me not working for 4 1/2 months of the year but it'll still be big enough. So the only thing that we really need to spend money on is the tv and we'll be able to get one of those for under a thousand bucks.

I did up a breakdown to show that with the paychecks we'll be getting over the next several weeks and what bills need to be paid along with a few incidentals we'll have enough. We of course will have to be conservative on the spending while we're down there and also any spending we'd be doing here before we leave. But yes, we'd be able to do it. Especially if he cashes another comp time check which he should be able to do with all the overtime he's done already plus the time he'll be doing over the next several days; 16 hours just today.

So I'm going to fight him tooth and nail to be able to go.

Media quote of the day:

Yeah, I'm a fickle kind of guy. - Mr. Jones from Mr. Jones (another I haven't seen but it fits perfectly)

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