Thursday, November 11, 2010

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

So we've used the elliptical and treadmill every day but one since Saturday. We decided to take Tuesday off to recoup. I was sore on Monday but I had HDT massage my back, which was the most sore, and that did the trick. It loosened up the muscles and I was good to go and it hasn't hurt that way since. His feet were hurting pretty bad on Tuesday and it doesn't help that he stands for most of his 12 hours at work. So to make sure my back was able to keep healing and his feet could get a rest we skipped Tuesday.

But we got back on yesterday. He did a few good sprints on the treadmill and a few times he kept the pace at 3.0 (I think it was anyway) but put the incline up as high as it would go. That worked him pretty good. I also put the incline up as high as it would go on the elliptical (20) for a couple minutes but then kept it around 7 for most of the time. Also had the resistance around 7 as well.

His youngest sister was over and at one point she walks behind the machines to get to his desk/computer and unplugs my machine. Fortunately it was during my cool down time so I had already reached my goal of working off 300 calories. Unfortunately I don't know my exact time, strides, calories and distance. But I remember looking at the calories about a minute or two before she did it and it had just reached 305 so that was good enough since that's what we're keeping track of more than anything else.

Today my upper and middle back are a little stiff but otherwise I'm feeling good. Yep, very happy we're back on track. And just like I knew I would, I'm more inclined to make myself eat healthier. I so wanted McDonald's for lunch yesterday but I was good and turned into my neighborhood rather than going straight to the arches. And proceeded to have a crappy bologna sandwich. It's the 98% fat free kind, normally I just get the lite but I couldn't find any so settled for this stuff. I didn't think it would be much different but OMG it is! But even as picky as I am I'm still able to eat it. But every time I eat a sandwich I wish I liked condiments or cheese or something to help hide the taste other than just the bread. Oh well, I'm almost done with the pack so so be it.

Media quote of the day:

You so broke your bologna has no first name. - Shortie #1 in a Shark's Tale

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