Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend Update 11/19-21/10

So our weekend definitely was a busy one but it was good.

Friday I got out of work at 3:15. Got home and HDT was working on the leaves, let him know he'd have to quit soon to start getting ready to get out of there for the company holiday party. I packed our overnight bag and got our outfits together. We were on the road after 4:00, not sure when exactly, but we were trucking on down the road. Looked like we were going to make really good time but then about half way there we hit the traffic going into and around Chicago. It was stead going but it was slow, only around 20/25 mph.

At one point when I was just gliding along not using the gas or brake my car died. At the same time the battery light came on I realized there wasn't that usual vibration that you barely feel happening anymore. So I said to HDT that the car just died, he said to put the blinkers on so I did. And then looked to my right to see if I could get over, luckily the car that was over there was far back enough to see me put the lights on and they slowed enough to let me slowly coast over and then onto the breakdown lane. It wasn't easy going either since the power steering was gone. But as soon as I got there I put it in park, turned the key into the off position then turned it back on and it started up right away, no issues. I got back on the highway and didn't have another problem for the rest of the way there.

We got there about 5:45 or so and had to wait forever it seemed to be able to check in. The two guys behind the counter were helping the family in front of us. But we finally got checked in and went up to our room to change. I asked the guy behind the counter where we needed to go for the party and he pulled up a piece of paper with the info. It showed that the cocktail time was 6:00 to 7:30 so I wasn't feeling like we had to hurry much. Made me feel better when I saw that. We got down to the cocktail area about 6:30 or so and Chris, my coworker, was there already with her sister. So we talked with them for awhile then a few others came up and we chatted with them. Then HDT and I got in line for a drink. We each got one more when they opened the doors into the room where dinner was going to be.

Dinner was really good. We had lobster bisque for the soup, never had it before, I really liked it; salad, which I was a good girl and are some of the leaves, I mean lettuce, but that was about it. Sooo not a salad person. The main course was a small piece of chicken breast - moist; small filet mignon - tender; garlic mashed potatoes - yummy; 3 asparagus stalks and two small whole carrots - both just the right amount of crunchy and tender. Desert was a toffee/cookies and cream type pie with almond shavings on the top. All in all a very good meal.

There was a silent auction that we did not take part of, no money don't'cha know. Although there were a few things I would've liked to have had. We did buy a few tickets for the raffle which was for a free night there at the resort. But alas, we didn't win. I guess in previous years there was a band and dancing after dinner but not this year. Supposedly the music they piped in over the speakers that we could barely hear was supposed to be the music for dancing. Yeah, no one realized that because they had turned the lights up all the way and what party has the lights up all the way for dancing? They did have a group of kids 11-15 play their violins for us just after dinner but before the desert. Actually while the desert was being served. Anyway, they were really good, they were also accompanied by a pianist. I thought she was a kid as well cause I could see was a small portion of her face but HDT had a better view and said she was an adult. Anyway, they were all really good, played a bunch of Christmas songs.

After all that bunch of our group were heading down to a bar in the building for the "after party" but HDT and I didn't feel like going. I was trying to convince him to go back to the room for a little something something without really saying it but he knew what I meant, but someone had mentioned the Harry Potter movie and he looked up movie theaters on his phone and found one just down the street that had a showing starting at 11:00. Since it was just after 10:00 we went up to the room to change clothes and we headed over to the theater. I was worried that our seats would be really low but got lucky, it wasn't that full and we got some good ones right in the middle of the row and on the lower middle of all the rows. Was really good, I was not disappointed. There were a few things that I had to explain to HDT since he hadn't read the books, but for the most part he was good, he wasn't lost at all, just had a few things he wanted explained so they'd make more sense.

Went back to the hotel afterward and as we're getting ready for bed he realizes we didn't bring his C-Pap machine. Just great. He snored most of the night which made me take forever to fall asleep and woke me up plenty of times throughout the night, including waking himself up. One of those times when I woke up I felt really hot so in the dark I went over to the thermostat to turn it down. I was warm when I woke up in the morning but not overly uncomfortably so when he woke up not long after he complained about how dry and sore his throat was and not just form snoring. So I tell him I turned it down in the night and I go over to see what it says and it's 76 fuckin degrees. Yeah, you'd think the down button would've been the one on the left, but nope, it was the up button. Yeah, we were a bit hot.

Anyway, I got him up and we got ready to go to breakfast. Found a nice family restaurant down the road and had a good breakfast. We had Jim let Poydras out for us since it was going to be awhile before we got home. That way we were able to stop off and get our niece and nephew their birthday cards and pick up my birth control pills. Went home and spent a little time with the puppy and HDT played a game or two of Black Ops then we headed out to Wayne's house for his daughters 18th birthday party. Although she's 18 she still sounds and sometimes comes across as much younger. She has a very babyish voice that sometimes bothers me cause I think she should sound more mature but to each there own I guess.

After that we headed home to do the last minute straightening up for whoever was going to be coming over for the UFC fights. Everyone that normally does did end up showing - which is to say all my brothers and 3 of Scott's kids and HDT's friend Jim. Wasn't sure if Scott and his kids were coming because it's his son that was supposed to have a birthday party on Saturday as well but Scott ended up canceling it in a childish fit because Wayne had to have his daughters on that day. Anyway, Scott was pretty pissed and since he didn't respond to me or HDT when I emailed and he texted asking if he was coming we figured he wasn't. But sure enough they came walking through the door just before 8:00. But although he didn't talk as much as he usually does he did good by not causing a fight which I was worried about. All the main fights were done by 11:35 so everyone packed up and left except for Jim but he didn't stay too much longer.

Sunday I woke up much earlier than I expected to after not getting good sleep on Friday and staying up so late on Saturday but I was awake by 9:30 and couldn't fall back asleep. So I got up and did my usual weekend soak in the tub. When I was washing up I heard HDT talking to Poydras so I knew he'd be up in a minute or so. And luckily I didn't have to say anything, he actually did as I was drying off. He says, "Are we gonna do this?" and I said, "Yep." He asked me what I meant when I said that I said doing the lawn as we planned and then asked him what he meant, he meant the same thing so yippee for me, I didn't have to nag to get it done!

He grabbed the leaf blower to finish the leaves in the front yard that he had to abandon on Friday and I grabbed the lawnmower. He lowered the machine so we'd get a good low cut cause he was going to put down the fall weed eater/grass fertilizer stuff. Our yard has never looked so good at the end of the leaf falling time. It was a good thing that Jim had come over on Friday morning to help him start with the backyard. Because I was able to start in on the mowing there while HDT finished the front yard. And by the time I was almost done mowing the front yard he was done putting that crap all over so he had to wait for me to do the last few swipes before finishing and then we admired our work for a bit.

Jim came over right when we were finishing putting things away and then I left to go pick up the lawn stickers for the grass cans. When I got back they had finished taking the garbage out to the curbs and were relaxing on the computer and watching the Packer/Viking game. Saints played at 3:00, just before it started his sister Jess showed up as well. We all had a good time watching the game, especially since they won. Was really tired though from not enough sleep the last two nights.

Afterward we were all hungry and the two boys wanted cherry dr pepper so those three went to the store to pick that up along with some stuff for dinner. I made us hamburgers with HDT's help for dinner, we watched The Office while eating and after that HDT and his sister played Black Ops against each other. Finally she left and HDT took Jim home. My stomach had started feel queasy so I wanted to stay home in case it got worse. Luckily it never did. We got into bed just before midnight.

Yep a very busy but fun weekend.

Media quote of the day:

Well, well, well, look what we have here. It's Harry Potter. He's all bright, and shiny, and new again, just in time for the Dark Lord. - Bellatrix Lestrange - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1

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