Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Update 11/12-14/10

So our weekend went well. It was HDT's weekend to work but he had an 8 hour day on Saturday so that was nice.

Friday evening we did our workout after dinner as usual. Watched more dvr'd shows as usual and that was about it.

Saturday he went to work and I slept in. Then took a nice long bath while reading Wizard and Glass - Book IV of the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. Love these books, can't even tell you how much. Although this is my least favorite of the 7. I read some more after getting out the tub. Then around 1ish I made myself presentable and went to the grocery store to get some much needed supplies. Was still there when HDT called to say he was on his way home.

I put the groceries away and made us lunch. Also made a marinade for some pork chops that I was going to be making for dinner. I used most of a recipe I had found on But added soy sauce to it along with a couple spoonfulls of cream of chicken soup. Stuck those in the fridge to marinade then took our lunch downstairs where he was playing the new Call of Duty: Black Ops game. After he was done with that we pretty much vegged for the day watching more dvr'd shows and he also at some point went on his computer to play WOW.

We were planning on raking up the leaves after he got off work but it was rainy on and off all day so we opted out. So now he's pretty much gonna have to do them by himself or see if his buddy Jim will come over to help. Neither of us ended up working out Saturday. He was having ankle issues and I just got lazy. I was planning on the raking being my workout and when I knew that wasn't happening I just decided to be lazy. But I've lost two pounds which is the goal - to lose 1-2 pounds a week. So YAY me!

The marinade for the chops ended up working out really well, tasted great. Next time I'll make extra so I can add it to them as they're cooking. Although they weren't dry by any means being able to add the moisture as they cooked would make them better. And maybe having some on the side for dipping in too.

Sunday he went to work. When I got up I did my usual Sunday morning long soak while reading. He texted me right after I sat down in the tub asking if I'd bring by the laptop and Poydras for a visit. Let him know I had just gotten in the bath, that I wasn't going to hurry but we'd be there, probably around noon. While I was finishing up getting ready he texted again about having lunch together. We decided to get chinese so I picked it up and visited with him and his partner for awhile. One of the CSO's (community service officer) came in that I know so she visited as well.

After awhile I took Poydras home and then I went to the mall. I needed to get an outfit or at least a top to wear to our company's holiday party this Friday. I found several tops I really liked for the party and for work but had to narrow it down to just a few. The one I got for the party is black and white and sparkly. I'm still debating on it being the actual top I wear. I still like the top I wore to HDT's class reunion last August and my mom has a top that's really nice and might fit me. We shall see.

I walked the mall from one end to the other, it's two miles from end to end, listening to piped in Christmas music. Why oh why does the season start earlier and earlier every year? Hell, the Chicago Lite music station is already playing the music 24/7. They started on Friday!! DAMN. In between walking the whole thing I went into a couple stores to try on outfits. Got the previously mentioned blouses at the first store. At the second store nothing looked good on me so didn't get anything there. I was so tempted at the cinnabon and cookie places but was able to resist. I also thought about getting one of the Auntie Ann's almond pretzels until I looked them up on my weight loss app I'm using and found that one of those is around 400 calories. Yep, no way was I getting one. But I was really thirsty and dieing for something sweet so looked up a McD's chocolate shake, found that the kids 12oz size was over 300 but my walking of the mall burned up that and I knew I'd be on the treadmill later in the evening so I indulged in one. It tasted really really good too, I don't regret it at all.

I got home just after 4:00 so I decided to start catching up on my Private Practices since HDT doesn't watch that one. After the 2nd one it was 6:00 so I headed up to the kitchen to start making the spaghetti that I've been craving for awhile now for dinner.

HDT came home while I fixing it and after changing clothes he went down to play a game or two of the Black Ops while I finished up. We had dinner while watching some more dvr'd shows. I think we've made the decision of not watching Hawaii 5 0 anymore. Although we both like it we're not attached to it the way we are with our other shows and since we watch way too many already it's gonna have to be cut.

My mom called shortly after dinner was completed and we chatted for a little while. My aunt, her sister, passed away this weekend. This has been a bad year for our family: two aunts, two cousins and my step dad all passed away this year. Very sad.

My two brothers who have kids each have one with a birthday this month. They're 2 years and 1 day apart. My niece will be turning 18 and my nephew will be turning 16. Scott sent us all an email a couple weeks ago letting us know his son's party would this Saturday the 20th. Just last week Wayne sent out an email letting us all know that his daughter's party will be the same day. With her going to school and working it's the only day she has off and would be able to have it. Scott is really pissed at Wayne, so pissed he was considering sending a nasty email telling him what he thought of him and his decision. UGH! Mom and I both figured we'd go to Wayne's house for an hour or so (her party starts an hour earlier) and then leave there and end the day at Scott's house. For me it makes the most sense since we closer to him and I'd rather have a shorter drive home then drive out. But he was threatening canceling his party and just taking his wife and kids to Chicago for the weekend. UGH again!

So after I got off the phone with her I got on the treadmill to do my 3.0 miles. I was just putting the incline to go up all the way to 15 for a minute trek when my cell phone starts chirping again (my ring is crickets) and I see that it's mom again. So I answer and she tells me she just got off the phone with Scott and he's still pissed. She tells him to listen for a minute and tells him what both she and I planned on doing. That seemed to calm him down some so he might go ahead and keep the party going. We shall see.

When I was about half way done HDT got onto the elliptical but was only able to do it for a couple minutes before his ankle started to give problems again. I think he's overdoing the treadmill. He's doing 1 minute jogs every now and then which is fine, I think he should but he's doing them at too fast of a pace right now. We just started, have only been doing this for a week so far, I think he needs to wait a little longer to go that fast. When I did my jogs it was tiring but I didn't get hurt so yeah, he needs to take it a bit easier. But whatever, he's gonna do what he's gonna do, being the bullheaded man he is. Heh

After I was done I took a breather on the couch to finish the show we were watching and once that was done I gave him a kiss goodnight and headed up to take a muscle soothing hot bath. I got into bed just after midnight. I was worried that even though I took the relaxing bath that having worked out so late in the evening that it would keep me awake. But it didn't. I'm definitely sleeping a lot better since we've been doing these exercises.

Media quote of the day: - We Wish You a Merry Christmas by we don't know, but it's traced back to the 15th century

We wish you a Merry Christmas;
We wish you a Merry Christmas;
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Good tidings we bring to you and your kin;
Good tidings for Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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