Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekend Update 11/26-28/10

So Friday we got out of work at 3:30 and I headed over to the grocery store to start getting some of the ingredients for the cookies. I decided to try out 5 of them but one of the ingredients is cake flour and our grocery store doesn't sell it. I've since learned a substitute for it but I of course didn't look that up before I did the cookies so the one recipe that called for it I just didn't do. Another one needed a pastry bag and since the store didn't sell that either I skipped out on that one as well.

Anyway I got the ingredients for the ones but didn't do any baking on Friday. I read my book for awhile and then watched some tv until HDT got home. We had dinner and watched some shows. I had a headache all day that refused to go away and I don't know if it was the 4th piece of pizza or what but my stomach had started to feel upset as well. He got on the elliptical and tried to make me feel guilty for not exercising too but I just didn't feel good. Pretty much after he was done working out he cleaned up and then went to bed. I stayed up a little while longer reading some more then finally felt tired enough to go to bed around midnight.

HDT went to work and I stayed in bed sleeping for a few more hours. Got up around 9ish and decided to go ahead and workout then rather than wait for HDT to get home, especially since he was working his full 12 hour day and then was going to be turning right back around and going in at 2am for a full 16 hour day. Didn't want to take the chance that he wouldn't be working out in the evening and me not wanting to then. My headache and stomach ache was gone so I was happy about that, so drank a protein drink and got on the elliptical. I did an hour on the treadmill and 35 minutes on the elliptical for over 600 calories burned. Good workout. Finished watching the show that I had started while on the treadmill then went and soaked in the tub finishing my book.

After that I believe I watched one of my recorded shows, maybe two. Then I went up to start in on the cookies. I did some melting moments which are very similar to Mexican wedding cakes but there aren't any nuts in the melting moments. HDT said they were good and everyone liked them but I didn't care for 'em much. I don't know if I cooked them too long or what but instead of melting in the mouth they turned to a paste. Maybe because the ones I tried were still warm, I don't know but at any rate I threw out the recipe, I won't be doing those anymore. Although they were easy to make.

I also did a chocolate chunk cookie and an M&M cookie. The recipe for both was exactly the same other than no M&M's in the CC cookie and no chocolate chunks in the M&M cookie. But they came out all crispy instead of soft and chewy. I think it's the cookie sheets that HDT bought last year. Because all my carrot cookies I made last year were too done as well. They seem to make them bake much quicker than what the time called for. So when I did the M&M cookies I took them out a full 5 minutes before the shortest time mentioned and they were still over done. But once again, everyone at HDT's work liked them and he said they still were soft in the middle, just crispy along the edges. But then, I did put a hamburger bun in each of the containers to soak up all the air to keep them that way. I kept 3 out for ourselves of the CC cookie, sent all the rest and all the M&M and melting moments with him to work.

I was trying to surprise him with the M&M ones. Last January we had ordered several bags of the do it yourself type M&M's. We got Saints M&M's for the Superbowl. They were brown, white and gold candies and the white and gold ones said either Saints or had a fleur-de-lys on them. The brown ones were just the normal MM candies. They were the only ones that came out, the fleur-de-lys and Saints ones all melted off. The candies themselves stayed intact at least. I guess whatever they use to put your personal saying on isn't the same as what they use for the MM's, very disappointing.

Oh well, live and learn with it all. That's why I decided to start now, I want to know which recipes will work and which ones won't; and what adjustments I'd have to make to make the ones I really want to work, work. And now since I've found out what I can do to substitute for the cake flour I'll be able to do the one recipe that calls for it. Maybe I'll do more this coming weekend. I'm just glad his coworkers liked 'em enough to eat 'em and they didn't go to waste.

Sunday I got up around 9ish again but this time I took my time getting up and doing things. I ate breakfast and after watching a show or two finally decided to get on the elliptical. I didn't work as hard as yesterday though. Between the machines and being on my feet for several hours doing cookies my body was sore. So I did just over 1 1/2 miles on the elliptical (exactly 200 calories burned) and then did just over 2 miles on the treadmill. But on that I at least did a few 1 minute jogs and a few high inclines as well. Watched The Ref while I was working out. Love that movie.

After I finished the movie recovering from the machines for the last 15 minutes of it I went up to soak in the tub and started in on book V of the Dark Tower: Wolves of the Calla. I decided I wasn't going to be baking any more cookies this weekend so after the bath I went and watched more of my dvr'd shows - Private Practice and Hoarders until HDT came home.

Made dinner of garlic dill potatoes, green beans and some prime rib that one of HDT's coworkers gave him. It was already cooked so I just had to reheat it so I put it on the George Foreman grill. HDT had brought home some bread that someone had brought in on Thanksgiving that was just sitting there now. I liked everything but the meat. I'm not a big fan of left over meat unless it's in a stew or spaghetti or something like that. I don't know if it just wasn't heated enough for me or that there wasn't any seasoning on it or what but I just didn't care for it so after just 3 bites I gave the rest to HDT to have. By the time I was done with the rest of my food I was full anyway so it wasn't a big deal not to have it.

We watched the night game (Colts vs Chargers) until 9:00 when The Walking Dead came on. We actually watched it live, besides football and award shows we don't watch much of anything live. But it's such a damn good show that we had to. He was texting with Scott, the cop that came to New Orleans with us, the whole time we were watching the show because Scott watches it as well. Only one more left for this run, not sure when the next "season" will start but I hope it's not too long. One of the best shows on the air right now. Many people have likened it to Lost. I could see that in many of the things that's going on and since I loved Lost I'm not surprised I'm loving this show.

Media quote of the day: The Walking Dead - Show #2: Guts

Nice moves there, Clint Eastwood. You're the new sheriff come riding in to clean up the town? - Glenn
Wasn't my intention. - Rick Grimes
Yeah, whatever. Yeehah. You're still a dumbass. - Glenn

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