Monday, November 8, 2010

Totally confused - Updated

So I do my weekend update post and then go to view it the site and lo and behold my blogrolling list is back!! So I got to their site to see if they have anything to say about coming back and nothing. It just looks the same as before. I'm totally confused.

So this is one of the times that I'm glad I'm such a procrastinator. Otherwise I would've already taken the stuff out of my template and would never have known they're back up and running.

I guess we'll see how long it lasts.


So it's a few hours later and the list is gone again. So I go back to their website and it's back to the same thing about they've ceased operation.

This is too damn funny. I guess it was glitch for an hour or so. I suppose I really will have to use another bloglist from somewhere else. Bummer

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