Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend Update 11/5-7/10

So Friday the treadmill was delivered but of course when I got home from work I had a headache and was just too damn tired to work out so we didn't. I thought for sure he would've used it earlier in the day but he hadn't. Jim had come over in the afternoon, they were supposed to go out to the garage to lift weights but they decided it was just too cold to do so so they didn't do that either. So he and I just hung out watching more dvr'd shows while he also played on his computer.

Saturday we both woke up a little after 9:00, I think anyway. We got up and decided we better work out now otherwise we wouldn't want to later. So I got on the elliptical and he used the treadmill. We decided we'd go 3 miles. We've discovered that we burn way more calories on the elliptical than the treadmill. At least doing the treadmill with no incline and an average of 3.0 miles an hour. Normally I shouldn't burn as many calories as him in the same time since he's a male and weighs over a 100 pounds more than me. But that elliptical kicks your ass! I did have the resistance on the elliptical at 3 for most of the time but did go up to 5 quite often and up to 7 once, it was like walking through sand, UGH!

The last 10-15 minutes of it I was beginning to die and said that maybe an hours time was just too much to start out with. But as he said, we only had 15 more minutes to go, that we could do it. And of course we did.

After that he took a shower and then I took a nice long hot bath to relax my muscles. After that I got ready and went to do some shopping at Target. While there HDT called to say that Jim called him to see if we were doing anything cause he was bored and would like to know if we'd be ok with him coming over. I said that it was fine with me since we weren't gonna do anything but continue catching up on the dvr'd shows anyway so why not. When I got home less than a 1/2 hour later he was already there.

I made us hamburgers for dinner and we watched The Invention of Lying and after that was The Informant. Both were pretty good but as fun as The Informant was to watch it was kind of fucked up. But I love me some Matt Damon and he was really good as usual. Both of those are Netflix movies we've had for over a month because we kept forgetting we had them along with the fact that we have so many dvr'd shows. Yep, again, we watch too damn much tv. Heh

After The Informant I went to bed and they hung out for a little while longer playing x-box games. I think HDT came to bed some time after 2:00. And that was after I had set the clock back so really it was some time after 3:00.

Sunday we woke up around 9:45 or so but decided not work out right away. We each had a bowl of cereal for breakfast, watched one of the Mediums and then turned on the pregame show since it was 11:40. Watched the Saints game, this time they had a resounding win. It was great to see and the Panthers 3 points only happened because Brees threw an interception right at the beginning of the game. But our defense was able to hold them to just those 3 points and then nothing for the rest of the game. So that was pretty awesome.

Right after the game ended we got on the machines. This time I took the treadmill and he took the elliptical. For awhile he didn't use any resistance and was just trucking along. At some point he started changing his resistance and his incline, not sure to what though. I started out at no incline and 3.0 mph. Then I went up to 3.3 for most of the time. Every now and then I'd go up to 3.5 and twice I went up to 4.5 to jog for a minute. At one point I put my incline up to 5.0 and then adjusted it between 4.0 and 5.0 for the rest of the time.

He ended up burning over 600 calories and I did 353.3. See what I mean by burning way more on the elliptical? That's closer to what it should be normally, him so much more than me. I think he had burned over 500 when he did the treadmill and I was close to him, definitely over 500, when I was on the elliptical. So I think that's what we'll keep doing, switching back and forth every day so we get the benefits from the elliptical, until we're ready to really do some changing on the treadmill to get closer to the burn. And also so we don't get static with always doing the same motions on the same machine.

Afterward I went up for another long hot bath to soothe the aches, finished my book finally as well. Then I put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and prepared a good dinner for us of chicken breasts, green beans and corn with a piece of french bread. Cooked enough so he could take a whole meal to work with him today and stay healthy.

We watched some more recorded shows, finished some laundry and then got into bed just after 10:00. I kept waking up because my back is hurting. It hurts like I've been working it out as well. I'm thinking it's because I was trying to have the proper posture while on the treadmill and since that's not my normal walking stature I am actually working the back muscles. Anyway, I kept waking up because I was uncomfortable and kept turning over to put it back in order. But in between the wake ups I slept really well so I still feel like I got plenty of sleep.

Media quotes of the day:

From The Invention of Lying:

Hi, this is Mark. - Mark Bellison calling Anna
Oh, hi Mark. Didn't you get my email? - Anna McDoogles
The one about being not good enough for you? - Mark Bellison
That's the one. - Anna McDoogles
Yeah, got that. Cheers. - Mark Bellison

From The Informant:

There should be a tv show about a guy who calls home one day and he's there, he answers, he's talking to himself, only he's someone else. He's somehow divided into two, and the second one of him drives away and the rest of the show is about him trying to find the guy. - Mark Whitacre (voice over)

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