Thursday, August 24, 2006

Damn power

Yesterday was the first day since I've been at this job that I actually truly worked. Sure I've done work before but nothing like yesterday. I was doing things for 4 different guys at the same time. Plus our receptionist is on vacation so I have to answer the phone and man the door while doing all of that other stuff. Normally our phone doesn't ring that much but one of the gentlemen is selling some property and the work number is the number he gave out. So therefore, the phone was ringing more than normal. I definitely would have liked our receptionist back. But at least I felt like I earned my paycheck for once. And in all that chaos nothing funny happened, no one got pissed at anyone else, it all went rather smoothly. Which is good, shows these people that I can multitask and all but it would've been nice if some kind of story came out of it.

This morning I was woken up to our power going out. I sleep with a fan going and when it quit working, in the middle of a pretty good dream I might add, I immediately woke up. I knew it was still too early for me to get up, since H Ditty had woken me up just a short while before feeding the cats, so I lay there hoping to fall back asleep. He had been down in the basement on the computer when the power went so he decided that it was good time to come upstairs and get me so I could help him pick up important stuff off the floor and unplug all the electronic shit in case the basement flooded again. So an hour before I even had to crack my eyes open for the first snooze I was in the basement unplugging and picking shit up.

I was thinking about laying back down again after we were done but knew it would be too damn quiet to lay there contentedly. Besides the fact that at least two cats would be all over me wanting attention. So instead I opted to go ahead and start getting ready for work. H Ditty had called the electric company's hot line and they mentioned that power was out in our town along with about 5 others and they had no timeline as to when it'd be back on. Luckily it wasn't raining much, it was more like a hard sprinkle so the basement should be fine as long as it stayed that way. I left for work and not two blocks away the power was on. And everywhere else I drove through for that matter. So I called H Ditty up to see if ours had come on in that short driving time but it hadn't. He did call about 15 minutes later though to say it had come on so no flooding worries. But now it's 10:30 and all I want to do is crawl back into bed.

So a small recap:
-- Sleeping peacefully dreaming a good dream.
-- Get woken up by dead silence
-- Have to go pick up items that can get destroyed and unplug electronics
-- Not worth laying back down again since it's too quite and cats would demand attention
-- All for nothing because it's not really raining very hard and the power is back on less than an hour later

I have some work I should be doing but I've done nothing but blow it off all morning so I guess I better quit writing this boring post and get on with it. But I don't want to, I just wanna go home.

EDIT: So H Ditty had gone fishing yesterday and caught a decent sized salmon. I was just searcing recipes on how to even begin cooking one of these things, it'll be my first fish cooking experience, when I came across this site . I'm very tempted to try it.

Media quote of the day: I wanna go home/Take off this uniform/And leave the show. = Stop - The Wall - Pink Floyd

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