Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Public Service Announcement

I just went to the bathroom and once again, this happened Monday also, there was piss on the toilet seat. So I have to say this: Women, those of you who hover, please sit your ass down. It is highly unlikely that you will ever get germs on your sacred tushy. According to this post (scroll down to the next section) you're more likely to get a disease because of women not washing their hands. And your desk is even more likely to cause you to get sick. It's because of women like you who don't just sit down that we have any likelihood of this happening in the first place. And then, if you're one who does end up getting piss on the seat, you don't bother wiping up after yourself. You know you more than likely pissed on the seat, when you turn to flush take a look down, if there's piss there wipe it the fuck up!

AND FLUSH YOUR SHIT AND TAMPONS TOO!! I mean GOD DAMN people, is it too much to ask? I worked at a restaurant one summer and one of my many jobs was to clean the bathrooms. The women's room was always worse then the men's room. Shit and/or tampons in the toilets, sometimes coating the toilets; toilet paper all over the floor; piss on seats and just general trash all over the fucking place. The men's room wasn't spotless by any means, but it was no where near as gross, not ever.

So once again, SIT THE FUCK DOWN!

And about the first part of the first link, putting the seat down. I grew up with four older brothers and they almost always put the seat down. Now, I have fallen through because they haven't and yes it is my fault for not looking. But when you get used to them doing it 29 days out of the month you don't look. Besides, it just makes good sense to put the seat and LID down. I was surprised to see this article didn't mention it but every time the toilet is flushed tiny particles of piss/shit water floats up into the air and settles all over your bathroom. Now, some might think this is the perfect reason to hover, but the germs do die very quickly, it's just extremely gross. Sherri says it very well and funny, unlike me, when she talks about her farting theory and what it does. This is what flushing does.

Media quote of the day:
You were throwing caution to what you were pissin' in
You were throwing caution to what you were pissin' in
Pissin' in the wind
And that's the shape I'm in

Strict 9 - Local H


Sherri said...

Well said. I sometimes wonder what these people's bathrooms at home look like. Yuk!

Katrina said...

Thanks for stopping by.

I know, do they not flush at home either? It's absolutely disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Those women who hover are the same women who bitch about their husbands not putting the seat down.

Why does he have to put the seat down every time? Why can't they lift it up for him when THEY go?

Never understood that one! Like your blog. It's my first visit!

Katrina said...

Katie - right, I mean, it's nice and all that they do it but what makes us so special that we have the right to get pissed at them if they don't?

Thanks for stopping by.