Monday, August 28, 2006

Earned my paycheck! Go me.

Yay, I earned my pay check again today. Well, mostly anyway, I still had some time to lurk around to the sites I read. But that was while waiting on boss man to become available to go over the work I had done. And now I'm taking a break to get this in. I'll write more later.

More later:

So my weekend went pretty well. H Ditty had to work so we didn't go anywhere or do anything special. Just watched some shows off of tivo, played a little cribbage, which he's been kicking my ass in the last 5 games. I'm getting really sick of that shit! Did some cleaning that needed doing before our friend comes to stay next Friday. Probably do a little bit more of that over the next couple of days. We're both procrastinators so we'll do a little bit here and there and then quit, very bad we are. Then I watched the Emmy's, very happy The Office and 24 won. I thought Conan did a good job. Wouldn't mind seeing him back next year. Although I do love me some Ellen. I was very disappointed I missed the show in 2001, after reading how well she did and all.

The anniversary of my namesake is upon us. When she was blowing on in, oh who am I kidding, still to this day, I get remarks about it. Some are funny but for the most part it's same ole, same ole. But I actually don't mind it, it's a conversation starter. As I've mentioned before, we're Saints fans in this house and we try to go down at least once a year to see a game. We had tickets for the Bears/Saints game that got moved to LSU but the date didn't work out for us or his dad and stepmom who were going to go along. So no trip last year and unless something huge happens there won't be one this year.

We were very sad and still are about what's happened down there. I feel guilty because I never got around to sending any money and I had every intention of doing so. Now, even if I tell a place I want the money to go there I doubt it will. But we'll help out by going down every chance we get. And I encourage anyone who reads this to go there too. Go at least once in your life but it'd be better to go more often. There's no way in hell you'll be able to take it all in in one trip, even if you stay two weeks. I lived not far from there for 6 years and have been going back for a vacation just about every year since I moved back to IL in '92 and still haven't seen or done everything that's able to be seen or done. I miss Mardi Gras, haven't been to that since '94. I keep saying we need to go but so far haven't been able to convince H Ditty. But one of these years it'll happen.

The night of the hurricane H Ditty had to work. I was sitting in our living room reading a book, the blinds were up about half way and I was sitting under the lamp so I could be clearly seen from the road. He calls me up and tells me to, "Turn right, you need to turn right." So I turned right, so I was facing my kitchen, didn't see anything so I looked the other way out the window to see if there was a car in the street with maybe him in it but there wasn't. So I said, "What are you talking about?" He says, "You need to turn right right now." So I turned again, and again, saw nothing out of the ordinary. So I say, "Ok, what the hell, I've turned right now 2 times and there's nothing in the kitchen or anywhere else for that matter that I need to see that way, why the hell are you telling me to turn right?" He starts laughing and says, "You need to turn right so you'll miss New Orleans, why you wanna destroy our city?"

Media quote of the day: ...they mostly come at night... mostly = Newt - Aliens

Can't help it, every time I hear or say the word "mostly" I say this line, sometimes it's only in my head, but it's said.

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