Thursday, August 17, 2006

I still nominate...

Just wanted to get this down while it's still fresh in my mind. The radio station that I listen to in the morning while getting ready for work has this thing every Thursday called Open Phone Thursday. It's where anyone can call in and talk about anything they want to. This chick calls up to thank them for doing what they're doing in regards to the guy who got ate by the wood chipper the other day. I guess they've got some link on the website where people can go to to donate money for his family. And then the dj's and this chick start talking benefits, such as, the station will help promote and go to a benefit where they'll give out stuff to help raise money for them. They of course can't do it themselves but they'll help out if anyone wants to do one. Alright, no problem, it's they're prerogative.

This is where I have a problem. The main dj goes on to say how he had read an article where the dead guys friend and coworker was interviewed. He says that the chipper was an unfamiliar borrowed and faulty machine. So, dead guy was using a machine that wasn't his, wasn't familiar with the operations of it and obviously didn't make sure the safety precautions worked before using it. Because that was the faulty part, the switch or whatever that would reverse the teeth didn't work. So the teeth grabbed the guys foot and continued to pull him in. Also, friend says how everyone who's used that machine has used their foot. The dj also says how people he knows personally have used feet to shove wood further into their chipper so those of us listening shouldn't judge so quickly. BULLSHIT

As I said yesterday, tragic, horrible accident. But still, dumbass. It doesn't matter that the safety switch didn't work, it doesn't matter that everyone and their brother used their foot, it doesn't even matter that he left a family behind. What does matter is that he USED HIS FOOT not another piece of wood. What matters is that he didn't turn the machine off before trying to dislodge the stuck piece. What matters is that he didn't think of his family before doing what he did.

It's awful, absolutely and I'm sorry for his family and friends. The guy was a dumbass though.

Media quote of the day: Can't think of anything to go with this, nothing seems to fit.

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