Monday, August 21, 2006

Fishy Wake Up!

Saturday morning we got up to go fishing at 6. We were supposed to be up by 5 but H Ditty set the alarm for pm by mistake since that's what he's used to doing for work. But because of the cats wanting fed I was woken up around 5:45ish. We fed them, threw on some clothes, stopped off at a gas station to buy a cheap styrofoam cooler to put the fish in, headed over to his work where a co-worker was loaning us a fishing rod and knife then on down to the lake. We went to the little store there to buy some minnows and my license and as we're heading out the door H Ditty realizes that he forgot his wallet at home with his license in it. We thought for a few seconds of not going back for it but Murphy's Law would've kicked in and he for sure would've been asked to show it. So we went all the way back home to get it. By the time we made it back down to the lake it was almost 7:00. That's a little late for starting but not too bad.

We walked along all these big boulders down to the very end (they were like a pier going out into the water) where we set up. Now in between every rock and boulder were spiders and spider webs. My last post said how I can't stand either one but especially the webs, I was thoroughly freaked out for a little while. But the cute ducks swimming around and a father and son who were also there at the end distracted me. Until I stood up to cast. I had been leaning on one of the boulders and when I went to reposition myself I looked back at it and there right where I had been was this HUGE spider, it had to be at least an inch long and it was this weird reddish brown color. I'd have taken a picture of it but we didn't bring the camera. So, yeah, I stood up for awhile after that.

The damn fish kept nibbling but never really bit. I mean we did catch a couple but they were too small so we threw 'em back in. Although there must have been a decent sized one or two in there; both of lost the whole bait and hook.

Over all though it was nice. It got us up and out of the house which we normally don't do, we're both homebodies. It also was a pleasant couple of hours with each other without the tv or computer going and that's always good.

Oh yeah, we were never asked to show our licenses, figures.

The evening held our poker game. I guess complaining about coming in 2nd was heard. I went out 4th. But H Ditty won so it's all good.

Media quote of the day: Fishy, wake up, why are you sleeping!?! - Darla in Finding Nemo

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