Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I nominate....

I heard on the radio this morning that a guy over the border in WI accidentally killed himself. As soon as I heard the story I thought that the Darwin Awards should snatch it up right quick. This was tragic, no doubt about it, and being that he lives so close someone I know may very well know him (his name has not been released yet), hell I may even know who he was. But it's just so stupid. He's the OWNER of a tree shredding business. A chunk of wood got caught in the machine and this guy used his foot to try to push it through. Then his foot got caught and before his employees could get to him to free him the shredder sucked him in and chucked him out. I feel for his family and friends I really do, buuuut, he was a complete dumbass.

This weekend is poker weekend again. I'm getting a little pissed that I'm not winning, 2nd is nice and all, it shows that I'm a good player in our little group. But it also shows that I'm doing something wrong. Maybe it's because I don't bluff, at least not enough. It's that I don't want to go out early or lose too many chips so I don't take the chance. Which because I don't bluff and all the guys know it is the exact reason I should do it more often. Not go crazy or anything, just do it a little more. Because when I do have a good hand and I bet a decent amount unless they really have something they all tend to fold very quickly. This tendency to not want to go out or lose a lot of chips is also why it's fairly easy to bluff me out. I've been pissed with myself after this has happened. You'd think that after playing for a year and a half I'd get over it.

Just heard that boss man is on his way back in. He was out all morning at a meeting and it was bliss. It's 1:30 so even if he's back in less then 15 minutes (which he didn't say so we don't know) it won't be too bad. He's one of those guys that always has a phone to his ear. So when he first gets back he'll listen to voicemail then return all the calls he needs to. I'm hoping he'll do all that before I hear the first "Katrina" out of his mouth anyway. I'm also hoping, of course, that he won't be back for quite sometime. His meeting was in a town an hour away, if we're lucky he called right when he got in his car.

EDIT: WOO HOO, he's gone for the day and it's only 4:00. He got in at 2:00 and within minutes had called me into his office to dictate a letter and give me a few more things to do. But as he's giving me the things he says for me to do the letter first as he's going to be leaving as soon as that and one of the other items were taken care of. Then he proceeded to get on the phone and have two very long conversations. I finished my list, he signed two letters, and then got the hell out of here. So not only was he only here two hours but as he's leaving he's saying goodbye to everyone saying he won't be in tomorrow or Friday either. He'll of course call quite a few times throughout the days but at least we won't be seeing him.

EDIT 2: My homepage is and I always read the headline news. Apparently there's a guy being held in the death of JonBenet Ramsey in Thailand of all places. I truly didn't think they'd every arrest anyone in that case.

Media quote of the day: And I guess that was your accomplice in the woodchipper. - Marge Gunderson in Fargo

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