Thursday, August 17, 2006

Spidey, Spidey where are you?

I killed a spider last night that was running willy nilly on my bedroom wall. Which set off a link of thoughts. First it made me think of Robyn and her saying in a few different posts how she won't kill spiders that are in the home as long as they keep their webs clean. Which made me think of spiderwebs and how I can't stand them. Hate them more than the spiders themselves. Which then made me think of a conversation I had with my SIL and her mother a few weeks back. We were talking about bugs and then spiders and who hates what and how much. Apparently my SIL's nephew has a phobia of spiders which made me wonder if he had ever read Stephen King's IT. And if he had, when he got to the end I wondered how freaked out he was. But they told me not to even mention spiders to him or he'd be jumpy for the rest of the day. Poor kid.

Which then made me think of the time about a month ago when I was driving home from a cousins wedding with a fairly decent sized black spider crawling around inside my car. Freaked me the hell out. I had my elbow resting on my door when out of the corner of my eye I see this dark shape coming towards it. It was nighttime so I couldn't tell what it was and when I jerked my elbow back in astonishment it did it's spidey thing and turned and ran down the side of the door; where my feet were in dress shoes. So in other words, the tops were bare. My mother who was sitting in the passenger seat asked me what was wrong so I told her and she tried to look for it but it was too dark. So for the next couple of minutes every few seconds I felt like I had something on my feet. I mentioned that to her and then she started feeling like it. But about 5 minutes later it ran across the top of the dashboard. I hurriedly got a Kleenex for her and she smashed that motherfucker good.

We had a few bags of lawn clippings inside our garage for a little over a week. We forgot to take them out to the curb when it was time. Anyway, after the car thought my mind turned to when H Ditty and I opened the garage door to talk about something in there and saw that the lawn bags were still there. In and around the bags are bunches and bunches of spiders and webs. There was a wicked looking spider right in front of us in its web that was between two of the bags. When we opened the door we startled another smaller spider that went running up the side of the right bag. The wicked one went running through its web grabbed the smaller one took it back into its web and started wrapping it up. Now I'd seen that happen on tv shows but never in real life. It was awesome to see but at the same time a little scary.

So after all those thoughts it took me a little while before I could turn off the light without worrying about one crawling on me as I slept.

Media quote of the day: Delbert McClintock: There ain't no spiders here.
Collins: Look! There's a giant spider web over there in the corner.
Delbert McClintock: Well yes, a spider web would reveal an arachnid presence

small scene from Arachnophobia

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