Thursday, January 25, 2007


Just wanted to put up a quick post to say sorry that I haven't updated in a few days. I've been really busy and not having my own computer really sucks. I haven't been able to get on HD's for very long when I'm even able to get on it. The only reason I'm able now is because he's not home yet but he will be in just 10 minutes or so. Which means I'll have to get off of it so he can get on it. I may be able to come back later tonight though, we'll see.

There's a few things I'd like to talk about so I'll put them down now so I don't forget. Whether I'll write more later on these subjects I can't say for sure. By the time I have more time I may not care about them anymore.

1. Memories that you wish you didn't have.

2. Pan's Labyrinth

3. 24

4. hmmm, could've sworn there was a 4th one. Oh well, I must have already lost interest.

Hope to see y'all soon, whether it's here or on your own blogs. I miss my reading. I can only go to one or two a night, again, if I'm even able to get on the damn thing, before I have to leave to go to bed. I'll be playing catch up this weekend though. HD has to work and other then my step dad's birthday party on Saturday I'll be free to use the computer.

Media quote of the day: A long time ago, in the underground realm, where there are no lies or pain, there lived a Princess who dreamt of the human world. She dreamt of blue skies, soft breeze and sunshine. One day, eluding her keepers, the Princess escaped. Once outside, the brightness blinded her and erased every trace of the past from her memory. She forgot who she was, and where she came from. Her body suffered cold, sickness and pain. Eventually she died. However, her father, the King, always knew that the Princess' soul would return, perhaps in another body, in another place, at another time. And he would wait for her, until he drew his last breath, until the world stopped turning... - Pan from Pan's Labyrinth

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