Friday, January 19, 2007

On my mind

There's been quite a bit on my mind lately.

1) First and foremost. I really and truly hate not having my computer. I don't think I mentioned this at all but I've been without my computer now for a little over 2 weeks. It crapped out one day and we can't fix it. We have to get a whole new one and haven't done it yet. So I've been using H Ditty's computer whenever I can get on it. Which isn't very often. I have to wait until he's gone to bed which is usually around 8:30/9:00. He still hasn't acclimated to the day shift yet. So anyway I haven't been able to get to all my favorite sites for awhile either. Really sucks. I'll be playing catch up tonight and tomorrow.

2) A very horrendous thing happened to one my coworkers the other day. The lady that did my phone interview was involved in a car accident and died. Two of the women in my dept. talked to her while she was on her way in. One of them was discussing what they'd do when she got there which she said would be in 15 minutes. Almost an hour later someone else who knew she'd be in soon was looking for her and that's when we all realized that it'd been an hour since the last person had talked to her. She was an incredibly nice person. It's absolutely tragic.

3) I need to clarify something. It's been awhile since H Ditty has been here and he recently came by and caught up on his reading. He says that what I put in my comments of the post about his being so nice to me on my first day of work made it sound like I was willing to leave him recently. So I need to clarify that the last time I thought about leaving him was many many years ago. Before we were engaged, let alone married. For those of you who don't know, we've been together for over 11 years. Most of those years he would say how he had no interest in getting married. I would wonder from time to time why I was staying with a man that didn't want to marry me. And one of his biggest flaws was that he didn't help around the house as much as he should have. It was the fight we'd get into the most and it would happen more often than not. At those times I would also wonder why I was with a man that didn't respect our house, me or us enough to help out more and marry me rather than shack up with me. Then when I would calm down I'd think that if this is one of my biggest complaints about him I'd be silly to leave. He's not cheating on me, he's not lying to me, and all those other crappy things some men will do he's not doing so I should count my blessings and stick it out. I did and he did eventually help more around here and marry me. Love you!

4) I'll admit it, I'm a little worried about the game on Sunday. Not because I believe the Bears will win, but that the Saints will lose. If you know what I mean. If not, I believe if the Saints lose it'll be because of their own damn mistakes, not from anything the Bears do. Not to say that they won't make a good play or two, but that what they do won't cause them to win. I'm also a little worried that if the Saints win something might happen to one of us. It could be minor or big you just never know. Or I'm worrying for nothing and nothing will happen at all. Which is really what I think will happen but I'm still worried about what might happen.

5) We're trying to figure out what kind of sign to make so we'll get on tv. We just found out last night where our seats are. I have to tell you, they're kick ass
seats. We're in section 111 and row 18. That's in between the 30 and 40 yard lines. Don't know what side though, if it'll be visitor's or home. Although it is the East side of the stadium and I think the visitor's are usually on that side. If so that'll be even better. It's supposed to be snowing, 1-4 inches they're calling for on Sunday. Some of that is supposed to be coming down during the game. I'm going to be freezing! But having a blast, either way, win or lose, I'm going to be having a blast.

6) I'm really liking my job. I'm busy all day which is such a blessing after that God awful job I had before. At 5:00 I got the list of what my projects will be. Both new guy and I have been helping boss lady and snaggle tooth (the 1st chick that was training me my first couple of days. She has a couple crooked teeth but they actually make her cuter. She's also extremely nice) with all of the jobs we have going. Today, we got a list of the jobs that are no going to be considered ours. Snaggle tooth will no longer have any of them, she works the service side and helps with the administrative work when needed. I'm happy to finally have my own jobs to worry about rather than being all over the place.

7) I can't stand the fact that I like that stupid Hinder song Lips of an Angel. It's really catchy though. But the subject matter is deplorable!

8) Numbers has been on in the background as I've been writing this. That is one good show.

9) Did I mention that I can't stand not having my own computer. There's like 5 or 6 sites that I go to that I haven't gotten around to adding to my blog list so I have to link to them by other sites or comments. It really sucks. I know, what's the big deal in doing that. Well, no big deal really, it's just the inconvenience of it all. Maybe that's what I'll do tomorrow, finally get them added.

Well, I'm signing off so I can go read some blogs/journals. Have a nice night.

Media quote of the day: Please, understand, sometimes I can't choose what I work on. I can't follow through on a line of thinking just because I want to, or, or because it's needed. I have to work on what's in my head. And right now, this is what's in my head. - Charlie Eppes - Numbers

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