Monday, January 8, 2007

20 Things - The start of my 100 Things

I was just going to put up all my 100 things you may not know about me on my 100th post as so many people do. But I can't think of anything to write about today and I wanted to get something up. So, since I've worked on and off on this list for a while now I've decided to put it in increments. Especially since I like to talk so quite a few of them have some kind of explanation or at least a little more info associated with it. If I had put them all up at once it'd take forever for you to read them so this way is better. So here goes, the 1st 20.

1. My name comes from a character in a book my mom read when she was 5. She doesn't remember what book, only knows for sure that it wasn't Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

2. I’m the youngest of 5 and the only girl. No, I wasn’t spoiled at all. Although many people have thought I was or at least should have been.

3. I’m #56 out of 58 grandchildren. Yes, you read that right, 56 out of 58. I’m the youngest female.

4. I was engaged at 18 and broke it off by 19.

5. I married the 2nd guy I dated after that one. We got a divorce a few years later

6. I am now married to a wonderful guy that I believe will be here for the long haul. Hi honey!

7. We have four cats; at one time we had 6. Yeah, we’re the crazy cat people down the street. One day we hope to have a dog. Already have a name too – Saint.

8. I have not quite but it's very close to a phobia of spider webs. Spiders are ok, as long as they don’t surprise me but webs just freak me the hell out if I’m touched by one. I will do whatever I can not to touch one.

9. I despise talking on the phone. It just now rang as I was typing and I looked at the caller id, saw it was my mother-in-law and just let it keep ringing. I would’ve done the same if it had been my own mother. H Ditty gets upset with me because I refuse to answer. Even if the phone is nearest me, if it rings I pick it up and toss it to him. It irritates him to no end. But he loves me anyway. Edit: So I called her back and was on the phone for an hour and 20 minutes. This is why I don’t answer the phone! Heh But I love her and I’m glad I called her back because she needed to talk to someone.

Another Edit: all that is true and since I wrote that quite a few months ago I find this very amusing. Just before starting this post his mother called again. He's already in bed and since she was calling fairly late I decided to go ahead and answer, it could be important. It wasn't, she was just calling to see if he went to days yet and what his hours are. Although she's been told numerous times that he was starting today and it's the same hours as before just the day shift. She also talked for about 40 minutes with just my "uh huhs", "yeahs", "wows" thrown in every now and then. Man that woman can talk!

10. My favorite colors are black and pink.

11. For my first wedding I threatened to have a black wedding dress. My mother and husband to be were not amused. I didn't but the bridesmaids had black and white dresses, they were very pretty.

12. My favorite number is 12. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember.

13. I take hour long baths, sometimes more if I’m really into my book.

14. I like all kinds of music. I have my preferences of course, but I can listen to just about anything. At least for awhile, some styles tend to irritate me pretty quickly.

15. I like The Three Stooges. I know weird for a chick.

16. I’m a happy drunk. I only get emotional when I’m with my sister-in-law who is an emotional drunk.

17. My best job ever was when I was 15 and I worked as a bus person at The Lighthouse Restaurant in Wisconsin Dells. Was there only 7 weeks and did all kinds of other stuff besides bussing but I loved every minute of it. It’s also where I met the first boy I ever kissed, who was 18.

18. Speaking of jobs, my first job ever was a paper route. Started helping my brothers with theirs when I was eight.

19. I got my own route at age 10 and quit at 14 because I joined the school's volleyball team. Which I ended up quitting after only 2 practices because of the snooty miss popular bitches. I just did NOT want to deal with them AT ALL. The worst part was trying to collect the payments. But the best part was getting paid myself, of course.

20. Besides Canada I’ve never been out of the country.

Media quote of the day: I want my two dollars! - Johnny - Better Off Dead


Debbie said...

Girl, you need to start traveling. You'd love it.

I always wanted to wear red or brown on my wedding.

I like that you spend an hour in the tub reading. I do that too.

Natalie said...

Fun list. My next post is #100 I have no clue what to do.

Katrina said...

Part of my next 20 will talk about where I'd like to travel and will do one day. Mark my words.

Natalie - It gets hard near the end.