Sunday, January 7, 2007

Shout out

1st off I just wanted to thank fresh air lover for giving me a stroke. Thanks Debbie it was very nice of you. Although no one has left a comment so you can't tell, there have been several people that have stopped by from your link. So I also would like to give a thank you to everyone who's stopped by. You're all welcome to come back anytime, comments or no comments.


Yesterday was one of my nieces birthday, next Sunday will be another ones birthday. They're stepsisters so they had there parties together. We forgot our camera so no pictures which really sucks. Ah well.

This started a couple of years ago and has happened every birthday since. Now keep in mind that they actually ask my brother to do this.

Everyone gets their cake and ice cream. We're all sitting around talking and eating having a good time. All of a sudden Scott will push the birthday girl's face down into her cake. No warning what so ever. Kay, the niece who's birthday it actually was had elected not to have cake because she didn't want it to happen this time. Her little sister (they're the step kids) asked for it though. I had heard Scott saying, about a 1/2 hour before it was time for cake and ice cream, that "It's not your birthday though." He said it more than once and I had no idea what he was talking about because she was talking so quietly. After he did it to her too I knew that's what it was she was asking for. They kept the remnants on the whole time they finished their ice cream and had another piece of cake. Picture the pie in the face routine, that's just about how they looked.


It's only 3pm and I feel so damn tired. We stayed up late both Friday and Saturday nights. And although we stayed in bed pretty late I just didn't get good sleep. I know the main reason is that H Ditty is in the bed with me. He's worked nights the whole time we've been together, except for a small stretch of 6 months 6 years ago. So except for the occasional night here and there and vacations I've slept alone. I'm a sleep in the middle of the bed kind of girl. I also sleep at an angle with my legs bent. We only have a double bed so when we're in it together, along with two body pillows and 3 cats, it gets pretty cramped. I end up on the edge of the bed laying pretty much straight. I also end up with at least two of the cats somewhere on me or at least leaning against me. All of this means poor sleep for Katrina. And this is now how it's going to be. HD has switched to the day shift. His first day on is tomorrow. He also has to get up about an hour before I do which means even less sleep for me. I'm going to see how it goes this coming week. If I can actually fall back asleep I'll do so. If not I'll get up and figure out what to do for that hour.

Ok, I'm starting to bore myself so I'll be signing off now.

Media quote of the day: Marla... the big tourist. Her lie reflected my lie. Suddenly I felt nothing. I couldn't cry, so once again I couldn't sleep. - Narrator - Fight Club

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