Monday, January 1, 2007

New Years Eve 2006 into New Years Day 2007

Well, I crawled into bed around 7:20 this morning. I first set my alarm for 3:20 to give us 8 hours sleep. H Ditty asked what time I was setting it for and when I told him he said to set it for 12:20 so that way we don't sleep the day away. I did it but said that there's no way either of us are getting up at that time.

The alarm goes off, I hit the snooze button and Cry Baby, who had been laying across my stomach, moves up to lay across my head. He loves to lay anywhere he can over my head cutting off my oxygen. After about the 3rd alarm he and I settled into a comfortable snuggling position. My arm was wrapped around him but could easily reach out and slap the snooze button as needed. A full hour later I tried to wake HD up and as he was rolling over to face away from me he says, "You were right, I was wrong." I had to laugh. But I got up anyway.

I'm thirsty and have the slightest of headaches. I was a good girl and drank two complete bottles of water (so just over 33 ounces) and took some Motrin before going to bed so I don't have an actual hangover, just a slight headache.

We had been "arguing" back and forth for over a month on whether we were going to have people over for N.Y.E. It had been mentioned to several family and friends that we may be doing it but weren't positive. Saturday evening HD finally agreed to have just his two sisters and their respective dates and 3 of our friends over. His older sister never showed up but that was almost expected. His younger sister called to say she wasn't feeling well so she & her boyfriend were going to have to decline. Our friend Caryn came over around 4:30 to hang for a little bit and exchange our Christmas gifts. Because we didn't call her until Saturday night, close to midnight, she had already made plans to be somewhere else by 8ish. Our other friends, who are a couple, came with their two children: one who's 9, the other is 3. They showed up around 6ish. We weren't happy with the kids, what with any drinking that may be going on but in the end it ended up being a good thing.

We all had conversations going while the Bears game was on in the background. With them getting their asses handed to 'em by a suck ass team and it was "marvelous in our eyes." Although I'm a Bears fan, I've turned against them for the end of this season because they're now rivals for the Saints. You know, because I'm more a fan of the Saints. The kids were well behaved for the most part. The oldest was annoying her mother every now and then though. Mainly when Amy would be trying to tell me a story about some fucknuts from her work and Rose would stick her nose in.

HD made an eggnog drink for himself and Caryn but no one else was drinking yet. Around 8:30 she took off and then close to 10 Jim left to take Amy to work. Poor thing forgot to request the night off and had to go into work at midnight. She works for a 24 hour restaurant. While they were gone HD & I decided to play Uno with the girls. So I went searching for the cards and in the process found where I had stashed the small toy box I had and inside it was another card game called Rat-a-tat Cat. The little one was overjoyed to see all the cars and dinosaurs and Sleeping Beauty characters and was content to play with those. HD, Rose and I decided to play Rat-a-tat Cat instead of Uno since none of had ever played it and it sounded fun.

Oh my God people! For a child's game it was fuckin awesome. While reading the directions we all thought it sounded like Uno. Turns out it's very little like Uno. It would take too long and I'm sure you don't want the rules to have to read though so I'm skipping that part. But suffice it to say there's some things similar to Uno. As in, you want the lowest score at the end of the game. There's three ways to end the game though. One is to go to a specific total, one is to choose a specific playing time amount and the other is to end after a specific number of rounds. We chose to play the first game until Jim got back. Also, you can fuck over your oppenents like you can in Uno. Well not exactly like it but you know, you can fuck 'em over.

The first game takes place.

I lost.

Then we played the next game with Jim.

I lost.

During the 2nd game HD's younger sister, Jess, called to say she had taken a nice warm bath and felt better so she and her boyfriend were coming over afterall. They got here just before that game ended.

HD decided not to play the next game so just Rose, Jim and I did.

I came in 2nd. Woo Hoo!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that by this time I had polished off a Long Island Iced Tea. When Jess and Chris showed up I finally had someone to do Jager shots with. Chris and I did one right away. Jess then made him a mixture of Jager and some energy drink.

Chris decided to play the next game.

I lost. But I started out winning. Heh

We finally got Jess to play, she I think, thought since it was a kids game she wouldn't have fun. Don't know why since we were hooten and hollerin practically the whole time while playing.

I now can't remember where I came in anymore in any of the games because I was no longer sober.

We all did a shot, except for Jess who's pregnant and the two little ones, at midnight. Those three did a shot of water. I also had HD make me a drink called Black Magic. It's 2oz. of vodka, 1oz of a coffee liqueur (we used Tia Maria) and 2 dashes fresh lemon juice. So basically 3 shots. It was too coffeeish for my taste, can't stand coffee at all, so I added a little more lemon juice. Chris and I may or may not have had one more shot of Jager, I truly can't remember, but as I write this I don't think we did. I know we talked about it though. I told him I couldn't get it because I couldn't be trusted to move properly, let alone pour anything. Wait, wait, we did have one. After I said that, about not being able to poor he did the pooring. Hee

It's now around 1:30 or so and Jim decides it's time to get the kids home, especially since they live almost an hour away.

HD comes over to where we're playing and he, Jess, Chris and I continue to play Rat-a-tat Cat. We all agree it would be an awesome drinking game. So we've decided to come up with some rules. Chris mentioned more than once that he's planning on going out and finding it this week.

They finally left, not sure what time actually. Maybe close to 3 or 4. Neither HD nor I were ready for bed so he agreed to play another game with me. We played a movie trivia game, Reel Clues. One of the things that has to be done in it is drawing clues as in pictionary. He at first didn't want to play because of the state I was in, I convinced him that's what would make it more interesting. He ended up winning, the lucky bastard.

After, we played Trivial Pursuit the Star Wars addition. Because he's a Star Wars geek and I'm just a fan when just the two of us play we have our own rules. He has to get the pie pieces as normal, I get a pie piece anytime I get a question correct. He also has to answer all 6 questions on the card to win. I only have to answer one. I went first and promptly got my answer wrong. He goes next, and next, and next, and next, etc., etc., etc. He had all but two pieces in his pie before he finally got an answer wrong. I told him, while he was still kicking ass, that if he finished this all in one turn I get to pick the next game. I didn't tell him it was going to be one of the movie trivia games that I kick ass in, not one where he can get lucky and win. We have several movie trivia games. I love me movie trivia, if you haven't already figure that out with most of the media quotes coming from movies.

But he eventually got a question wrong and we went back and forth for a bit but of course he ended up winning. We each had grabbed half the cards at the beginning of the game and as a card was used we were setting it to the side in a discard pile. At the end of the game we put the stacks next to each other. His stack was almost 4 times the size of mine.

It was now 6:35 a.m. and we decided it was time to go to bed. I came on here and wished everyone a happy new year, we fed the cats and then crawled into bed.

Besides having to go to the grocery store at some point because we're out of almost everything, I think I'm going to veg in front of my computer and/or the tv all day. Maybe even take a nap.

Media quote of the day: Oh, Star Wars geek. - Hobbit lover in Clerks II


Natalie said...

hope you are having a wonderful good time at you first day of work. Sounds like you had some good holiday fun to prepare yourself.

saintseester said...

Happy New Year! I am late, but I was out of town - not much computer access!

Katrina said...

Thanks Natalie. The day went pretty well.

Thanks SS, same to you.