Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The 5th and Final 100 Things

81. I've had one one night stand. He was the sex on the beach guy.

82. That same week I could've had two more but didn't.

83. I spent all of 10 minutes at my senior prom with my boyfriend at that time. And all of 20 minutes two years later at new boyfriend's prom. I don't regret either one. The not going/staying at prom for long or the boyfriends that is.

84. I don't dance, hence no regretting of the not going to prom. At least, I don't fast dance.

85. The only song I will fast dance to is AC/DC's Shook Me All Night Long. Unless I'm drunk then maybe I'll fast dance to others. Maybe!

86. My first concert was Rush in either '86 or '87. I truly can't remember exactly when.

87. My best concert ever was of REO Speedwagon at the Louisiana State Fair in Baton Rouge. They rocked and everyone in the audience was just as much a part of the show as the band which is what made it so great.

88. My first concert with H Ditty was Alanis Morrissette's in '96. Her Jagged Little Pill tour.

89. I love being on the water, boating and fishing both. I can't wait until we take our first cruise which will be who knows when but we will.

90. I can water ski although I haven't done it in years. So maybe I can't anymore, heh.

91. I was pigeon toed as a kid and had to wear braces on my feet and legs to straighten them out. I pitched a fit so often that mom finally gave up and didn't make me wear them anymore. When I discovered boys I forced my feet to face forward and I've been fine ever since.

92. I'm a night owl. I usually don't get into bed until midnight. (Although with the new job this is changing, for most nights anyway. I'm trying to get into bed no later than 11, but that's not happening tonight.) I'm an ok morning person, I'm not grumpy or anything and I don't need coffee to wake up. Which is lucky since I can't stand the shit.

93. I saw my first porno when I was 11 at my best friends house. She knew where all of her parents stashes were. And there were plenty of both stashes and pornos.

94. I think I was around 7 or 8 when I saw my first porno mag. The proverbial mag under the bed thing, it was my oldest brother's.

95. I used to be kick ass at grammar and spelling (ha! I misspelled grammar, luckily spellcheck caught it. How funny is that?). My girlfriends would hate giving me notes during school because I would correct them. After moving to LA in one of the letters I received one of them interrupted herself to say to me, "You're probably correcting this as you're reading, aren't you?" And I was. My best friend senior year also said the same thing in my yearbook. I'm not very good at it anymore, I don't know what happened.

96. I love to play games; boardgames or cards, doesn't matter. We used to have a bi-monthly game night but don't anymore. I miss it.

97. Any type of movie trivia board game is my favorite kind of board game.

98. Favorite card game is Texas Hold'em.

99. I wear contacts and they're a pain in the ass. But I'll only ever wear my glasses when I'm home and not going anywhere. I will never ever wear them out of the house other than running out to my car or the garbage or some such thing as that.

100. I have to sleep with a fan going. The floor kind not the ceiling. Without the noise of a fan or at least some kind of motor (such as air conditioner in a motel room when on vacation) I can't sleep.

And just one more because I want to:

101. I noticed while writing and editing these 100 Things I have a lot of quirks when it comes to my sleep habits. There's at least two more that I'm not going to share. They're not dirty or anything, it's just that I've shared enough of these habits.

Media quote of the day: Your mom threw away your best porno mag - The Beastie Boys

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