Thursday, January 4, 2007

The post where I brag about H Ditty

I'm nowhere near as eloquent as some of you other bloggers out there. My writing skills just haven't been honed yet, I'm working on it, give me time please. Thank you. So although the title says I'm the one bragging I should really put a little disclaimer here...I'm not the one bragging really, it's his actions that are doing the bragging. I'm just relaying what happened. So on with it.

My husband is so wonderful. From the very beginning of my freaking out about this job he's done nothing but be supportive. He's told me over and over that they'd be crazy not to want me, that I'm being silly for being so worried, that if they hire me I'd kick butt, etc., etc.

My first day was Tuesday. He had stayed awake all night Monday night, as usual, so he was up when I got up. Actually he was up and making breakfast before I woke up. The smell of the food woke me up. I figured he was making himself something to eat. I hit my snooze a time or two and next thing I know he's coming into the bedroom telling me it's time to get up. I sit up, take off my eye mask and see a plate of waffles, bacon and toast and a glass of chocolate milk sitting on a tv tray next to the bed. With a jar of maple syrup all ready to pour onto the waffles. I can't remember a time when he's made me breakfast in bed. Now, we've been together for over 11 years so he may have, I just don't remember it. If he did then it was in the "courtship" stage. Hee.
He also bought half the breakfast when he went to the store get the plant and card. He bought the bacon and bread. And it wasn't the easy microwave kind, he actually cooked it up in the pan.

He also stayed and talked to me while I was getting ready. Except for the short time he took to go outside and start my truck because the windows were frosted.

He made my lunch too.

Then, THEN, I go out to my truck and open the door. Sitting on my seat is a little flowering plant to put on my desk with it's own little card. There's also a card sitting on the dash behind the steering wheel.

The card brought tears to my eyes. Well, what he wrote did.

The card itself says: Achievement lies within reach of those who reach beyond themselves (on the cover). Wishing you all the best in your new position (on the inside).

He wrote: I know you're afraid, I know you're anxious. Trust me - You'll knock 'em dead. They will love you! After all, what choice do they have? I love you baby! You make me very proud to call my own. Love, your adoring husband

He's absolutely awesome!!

I love you honey!!

Media quote of the day: You got the love I need/Maybe, more than enough - Over the Hills and Far Away - Led Zeppelin


Debbie said...

That is the sweetest thing. Sigh. You're a lucky woman.

Natalie said...

Best Morning Ever!

Katrina said...

Debbie - Don't I know it. There was a time I was on the verge of being ready to leave him. Then realized that I'd be leaving him over not helphing more around the house more than any other reason and that was just stupid. Thank God I realized it.

I love that man!

hotdrwife said...

That is awfully sweet!! :) Glad you have found someone who makes you so happy.

Katrina said...

Thank you. I know how hard it can be for some and I definitely appreciate him.