Thursday, January 11, 2007

The 2nd 20 Things

21. I love roller coasters, can't get enough of them. It's too bad we haven't gone to an amusement park in ages.

22. I've never been to Disney World or Land for that matter. One of these days we'll get there.

23. I don’t know how to play any musical instrument. But if I were going to take one up I’d try the piano.

24. I once had a dream where I was making out with Bill Murray. Now that’s just eeewww! I mean, he’s funny and not “completely hopeless” (Elle in Legally Blonde) but he’s just sooo not my type.

25. I have all 10 seasons of Friends and have watched them more than once.

26. I believe in ghosts and spirits. I saw my maternal grandfather when I was eight and all alone in the house, very scary, maybe I’ll write about it one day.

27. I don't truly believe there are monsters under the bed but I still can't have a foot or hand hanging off the side of it. But that also comes from the belief in ghosts, I'm afraid one will grab me. If I wake up with one or both hanging over the side I actually have an adrenaline rush and will hurriedly snatch them under the covers. But only if it's still dark out and I'm alone. If there's daylight or H Ditty is with me I'm ok. I'll still pull them under the covers and up on the bed but I won't freak out.

28. As a child I watched Dracula (with Bela Lugosi) and developed a fear of being bitten while I slept. I started sleeping with my sheet and/or blanket laying over my neck. I believed this would deter any vampire from biting me. To this day I can't sleep without doing that even though I lost that fear around the age of 10. It can be hot as hell and I won't have a cover anywhere over my body but I have to have at least the corner of the sheet laying over my neck.

29. I'm a total bookworm and will re-read many books over and over.

30. Among my favorites are biographies of the English monarchy.

31. My dream vacation would be to go to England, Ireland and Scotland for a whole month.

32. I have fantasized about winning the Lottery to pay for this trip. But as the slogan went (in IL anyway), you gotta play to win and I don't play so I can't win.

33. I have a love/hate relationship with blogger. I was up to 48 when I went to save as draft and it lost everything up to 29 which was the last time I saved it. So I love that it's free and all but hate that it'll go down or have glitches and you lose your shit. Edit: I'm liking the new version much more though. Haven't had as many problems as before.

34. I was a shy girl but I had friends and was friendly with many people in most of the different cliques.

35. I was basically a goody two shoes, actually still am for the most part. But in grade school friends came to me to learn swear words and when to use them correctly. Although I didn't do anything sexual I knew quite a bit because of my brothers and their magazines and girlfriends so my friends would also ask about that stuff too.

36. I was in my first and only fist fight when I was in the 6th grade. I think I'll write about this one too some day.

37. I got my first and only F in my sophomore year English class. I never had to type an assignment before and this teacher said we had to have a 5 page typed research paper. And this was on a typewriter since back in '86 there basically were no home computers. I was a typical student and started typing only a couple days before it was due. I ran out of ribbon and my parents were out of town for the week and I had no way of getting more ribbon because there wasn't a store in my town that sold it. So I hand wrote the rest of the paper. It wasn't neat at all, my hand was extremely tired at the end and it got pretty sloppy. So I handed in a half typed/half handwritten research paper. Turns out I missed the part where she said if you couldn't type it than you could write it in black ink but it had to be 10 pages double lined. That wouldn't have been a problem, it would've ended up being more like 20 pages for me but no biggy. But because it was half and half and the written part was in blue ink I got a big o' F.

38. It bugs me to this day. Also, it bugs me that I can't remember who it was on. All I remember is that it was some famous Japanese guy , who was secretly gay and committed seppuku (disembowelment). Ok after going nuts I did a google search and found my guy:
Yukio Mishima (Kimitake Hiraoka) - Japanese writer.

39. I didn't go to College and I've never regretted it.

40. I went to a technical institute to become an accounting assistant. And have never regretted this either.

Media quotes of the day: I fear not ghosts, I fear them not. - Dana Whitaker - Sports Night

I am my father's daughter, and I am not afraid of anything. - Queen Elizabeth I

Ah, both great quotes, but I have admitted to fearing things so I can't say I agree.


Samantha said...

I am so happy to know that someone freaks out when their foot is hanging off the bed. It still really spooks me! I am so bad that I have to have all doors closed and a light on. And I am 30!!!! I also believe in ghosts. Adter my brother died I saw him sitting on the couch a few times. It never scared me. Instead it was oddly reassuring. He died over ten years ago and I still feel him with me. My big brother is still looking out for me!

Dan said...

Just don't try playing the piano while riding the rollercoaster.

Katrina said...

Samantha - That foot/hand thing is real bad for me. The only part of one of those "Hill" scary movies (don't remember which one it was) was when the chick was sleeping with her hand hanging over the side of the bed and the camera is going in real low and fast towards it. My hair all over my body stood up and I instantly felt my blood rushing. Didn't like that part at all, the rest of the movie was laughable though.

Dan - Now that would be a neat trick. If I could do it I'd make a shitload of money which would be real nice.

Samantha said...

At least you can watch horror movies! The previews only keep me up at night! My brain like to play tricks on me and I fall for it every time! Mayve one day I will get over myself and learn to enjoy horror movies!

Katrina said...

There are a few that will get me but they have to be ghost based. The slasher/terror ones I can enjoy but they don't scare me. Those ghost ones will do it because I believe so therefore they're a lot more believable.