Wednesday, January 3, 2007

New job

So my first two days at the new job are over and done. So far it's alright. I'm really hating the long drive but mainly because of the asshats that refuse to drive at least the speed limit. There's a pretty good long stretch that the limit is 55; both days I was lucky to get up to 45 at one point. Otherwise it's usually around 40 if not even as low as 35 in a few places. And I can't pass because the oncoming traffic is non stop. Ugh!!

The job itself though is ok. There's been a shit load of stuff shown to me in these two days and I'm already able to do a couple of things on my own. I of course go over them with one of the two ladies that have been training me and the other guy who started yesterday also. I want to make sure I'm doing all the steps required because there's 5 of them. And that's just the first part. After being signed off by a project manager there's 3 more steps. Then after being received back from the general contractor there's 2 more steps. All for a change order to the contract. I've had to do all these steps now for different projects and feel pretty confident so I think if I can do these the rest should go about the same.

They're very meticulous though. Everything that gets done is put into this software as notes. I mean everything. If you place a call you write it down. If you send something to someone else in another department you write it down. Doesn't matter if you have an answer or not. It's good though, it's certainly a way to cover yourself that's for sure. Bosslady prints out all these notes at the end of every day. She has to print out 4 copies of everyones notes, including her own, to go to 2 of the owners, the comptroller and a 3rd owner who's also a project manager.

There's all these different departments and each one has their own little conference/table area. A few of them are in their own offices. Ours is and in our room there's two offices off of it. One for the comptroller and one for the accounting manager. Then there's 6 cubicles and our own table/conference area. We also have our own deck with a table and 4 chairs, it's pretty nice. Our office is also locked at all times. We each have our own electronic key to get in. So far no one else coming from another department has been able to get in without knocking. So I'm assuming there's only a few outside people that have one.

The girl that's been training me leaves at 2pm every day so after she goes I get handed off to bosslady. She's the 2nd person I met with at my interview. Although she does what I'll be doing she also does much more and is considered an accounts project manager. So basically she's a supervisor/boss to me but my main boss is the comptroller. All three are very nice. The other two chicks in our department seem to be nice but other then being introduced to them I haven't said anything else. I've never been introduced to the accounting manager but then he sits in his room doing his thing. He hardly ever seems to come out & when he does he's only talked to one of those other chicks and the comptroller. The other new hire is a guy. I'm not sure if he's going to make it. He's also nice enough but doesn't seem to be grasping things very well. I don't know if he's like me and has never worked in a company as large or anal about things, if it's that he's never worked in construction or if it's just that he's not the brightest bulb but I think unless something clicks in him he's either gonna quit or be let go.

I believe the reason I'm grasping things quicker is that I've got so much construction experience. Other than companies doing specific things their own way and some having different software programs the basics of a construction office are the same. Most of the process is the same. So it's all about learning their ways and their software.

I'm dragging ass right now though. After not working for the last 2 1/2 months and being able to sleep in if I want this waking up at 5:45 is killing me. But then, Monday night I got maybe 4 hours sleep. I kept waking up every hour and taking forever to fall asleep. Then around 4:30 am The Brat Prince (who's eyes are up there in my photo spot) started bugging me for food. I finally fell back asleep asleep around 4:45 only to wake up one hour later. Last night wasn't as bad though. We gave all the cats a snack around 11:30pm so they didn't bug me for food and most of them stayed downstairs with H Ditty. I was able to sleep most of the night through. But the lack of sleep the night before, the long drives and the 10 hours of being at the office have taken their toll. I'm gonna go read a few of my favorite sights and then go to bed.

Media quote of the day: Hang on a second, boss lady, hold your horses. Which way you want it, Jo? - Beltzer - Twister


Anonymous said...

I hate the first couple days on a job with all of the training. It's exhausting.

Dan said...

After not working for the last 2 1/2 months and being able to sleep in if I want this waking up at 5:45 is killing me.

Hang in there. Things should get better. The first few days are always the worst. First few days of jobs, relationships, friendships, you name it.

Katrina said...

Thanks guys. Today has been better since I was able to sleep last night. Still only got a little less than 6 hours but it was a nice deep sleep.

By next week I should be on a more regular sleeping pattern.